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The 9th national distributor Conference

Hits:2260   Date:2020-07-16

On July 11, 2020, the national distributor conference of Zhongshan Xiangrong caster manufacturing Co., Ltd. was successfully held in Pingqian Hotel, Xiaolan!

First of all, Mr. Li Zijie, general manager, elaborated the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic on the caster Market in 2020. He believed that it was our primary attitude to deal with the impact of the epidemic situation that we should break down and then stand up. And this year target of our company 5-years-plan policy, still be unremittingly completed.

Then, Mr. Huang sendong, regional manager of sales department, Ms. Zhang Liqin, manager of purchasing center, Mr. Xiao Xiaoming, director of quality control department, Mr. Deng Shuihua, manager of technical center, and Mr. Wang Qunfu, manager of project department, discussed how to gradually warm up the market in the new infrastructure project of the company in 2020, and cooperate with dealers to maintain confidence in this difficult environment. Everyone was greatly encouraged and a lot of applause..

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Li Youzhi, chairman of the board of directors, led everyone to review the key points of the meeting, as well as the existing problems, opportunities and challenges. And put forward the strategy, requirements and expectations for the channel in 2020.

Mr. Li stressed that Xiangrong company must break out of the international market in the caster industry, and it is our goal to be in a high position. The success of this goal is achieved by all dealers in cooperation, which is our pursuit of forging ahead. We will make unremitting efforts to achieve this goal with high efficiency.

"Go forward by adversity, riding the wind and breaking the waves". Although the epidemic in the first half of the year blocked our progress. But it can't stop us from developing.


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