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15A AGV custom wheel

Hits:1062   Date:2019-11-01

*AGV:Automatic Guided Vehicle


   1. Automatic driving, automatic recognition and avoidance of obstacles;

   2. Small footprint, easy to shuttle back and forth in the workshop;

   3. Long working hours and labor saving;

   4. Automatic power charging.

6 highlights of 15A series AGV customized wheel:

(1) the bracket adopts bearing rotating structure, which is more precise, smoother and quieter than ordinary stamping forming bracket;

(2) caster bracket is more durable than ordinary light caster, and the walking time is more than 2 times longer than ordinary light caster;

(3) the wheels use TPR material of 60-70 °Shore A, which is non-toxic and pollution-free, and can walk on the floor for A long time without leaving wheel marks;

(4) it can meet the characteristics of AGV car running at high speed (≥1.1m/s) and walking continuously for a long time;

(5) applications: light service robot, small distribution robot, e-commerce sorting robot, etc.

(6) this structure is original in the field of light casters in China, and has applied to the national intellectual property office for a utility model patent.

We will continue to adhere to the concept of independent innovation, increase the research and investment in "AGV robot special wheel", to provide more AGV robot enterprises and users with quality services and products, but also to provide more AGV robot customized wheel design.